WELCOME to the Harlan Carter Basketball Tournament website.  The booster clubs of Shasta, Foothill, and Enterprise High Schools are proud to present the Harlan Carter Tournament! The Harlan Carter Tournament committee take great pride in providing our high school student-athletes an unforgettable experience at this tournament rich in high school basketball tradition. The joint effort by our three high schools in making this prestigious tournament possible helps benefit each booster club and the student-athletes of the Shasta Union High School District.

We continue to grow this tradition and provide a first class tournament for our student-athletes. The underlying success of this event is attributed to our sponsors; for it would not be possible without these strong local community businesses. We encourage you to support their business efforts in appreciation for all they have done for our student-athletes.

Scheduled each year on the first two weekends in December, the Harlan Carter Invitational stands as a favorite among players and fans. This Shasta Union High School District event was established nearly four decades ago and has evolved into a well known basketball venue and has gained strong support from local, regional and national interests.

Lastly, a giant thank you goes out to all of our volunteers and support staff that participate in the tournament…their able bodies make it happen!